Grit progression on belt grinder -

I got a 1x30 belt grinder and plan on using it primarily for sharpening. What would you guys suggest for grit progression for the belts strictly for sharpening Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G870A using Tapatalk

5 Tips to Use Belt Grinder with Speed and Power

Belt grinders have a higher SFPM, which make them suitable for metal applications. You can use a belt sander for grinding metal but your progress will be agonizingly slow. You're well-advised to use a belt grinder for greater power and faster results. Tip: You can buy a variable speed sander/grinder.

Sample belt grinding progression - YouTube

Here is a quick video showing which belts I progress through and where in the process I use them. This is continuing on with the blade I did the beginners he...

Progress Machine 28" x 72" Stroke Sander Belt Grinder, PMC ...

Progress Machine 28" x 72" Stroke Sander Belt GrinderModel: PMC-202-6Inventory # 7435Norman Machine Tool Ltd.1-800-394-4399https://

Belt grinder build in progress - Grinders, Sanders, etc ...

The belt was slipping some because the motor is not really heavy enough to provide a tight enough grip. So i devised a spring mechanism that pulls down on the motor from underneath. This causes it to run faster but now there is a little more vibration that runs up the stand in to the grinder face, not bad enough that its really a problem but still bad enough that …

Trizact belt progression and handsanding : knifemaking

Trizact belt progression and handsanding. Hey, I would like to get some trizact belts to get a better finish on my knives. Currently I'm using 80 and 120 ceramic belts for rough shaping and grinding the bevels. After that I handsand with 240 and 320 sandpaper.

Homemade 2x72 belt grinder progress - YouTube

This is a progress update of my homemade belt grinder. Getting close to being finished!

Belt grinder progress : Machinists

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Belt Grinder Progress - YouTube

It will take a lot of Gorilla tape to make all the belts I have usable, but it will still be much less expensive than buying all new belts.